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Take it from Adele, don’t put off divorce

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Over the decades, celebrity divorces have become a staple of news services that splash crazy stories on our TVs nightly. They are talked about and mention even in our “respectable” nightly news broadcasts. And, as divorce itself has become more mainstream, as a society, the U.S. has begun to accept that divorce is just a part of life. Adele, for one, can attest to this.

The high-profile Adele divorce

In 2019, Adele originally filed for divorce from her long-time husband and father of her children, Simon Konecki. The 33-year-old world renown singer had been struggling with her marriage since at least 2015 when her last album premiered. However, she chose to keep fighting for her marriage.

Our collective want to keep marriages together

In interview after interview, Adele explains that this divorce was a long time coming and that it should have happened sooner. She is blunt that the years long struggle was hard, but it was eminently worth it. She talks about all the waisted time on trying to make everyone else happy and how it ultimately led to her own neglection of herself. And, how now that she has the free time to focus on herself, how she is in a better, healthier headspace.

Sacrifice is not a moral imperative

The Adele divorce saga and her interviews about it have shown that one’s happiness is paramount. If we Los Angeles, California, residents can learn anything from the Adele divorce saga it is that everyone should focus on their own happiness. After all, time is precious and ever waisted minute is another minute we cannot recover.