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How Can Mediation Help Your Family?

At The Gillespie Law Firm, I work to help you effectively deal with the emotional trauma of divorce and other family law matters. Mediation can provide some relief by offering you more control over the resolution of your legal matter. You get to decide how you want your divorce to be and not rely on a judge to order you to act or not act.

I offer a holistic approach to resolving conflicts through family law mediation. In The Gillespie Law Firm‘s mediation practice, I provide you with clear information and answers to empower you to make informed agreements while you resolve your family law matter. I also work to provide you with tools so that you can manage your family law matter in an effective way into the future after your matter has resolved legally.

Mediation Allows You To Have A Say In Your Legal Matter

There are many advantages to the mediation process. First, it allows you to craft your own settlement/judgments that are agreeable to everyone involved. It also expedites your matter, because you do not have to wait for a hearing date on the family court calendar to get a court order. Other reasons you may consider mediation, include:

  • It can be less expensive because you don’t need to pay court fees and you can draft much of the documentation with your attorney.
  • It can preserve the relationship with your former spouse. Courts tend to be confrontational, even if that isn’t the intention. The focus with mediation is on coming to a conclusion together, which can help both parties feel like they are part of a common solution.
  • It’s informal, which can be less intimidating and also encourages both parties to discuss issues that may not come up in court. For example, if you share children, you can discuss concerns such as chores, allowance, curfews and other day-to-day questions that may not be discussed in front of a judge.
  • It protects your privacy. Most court cases are public record, which means almost any member of the public can read them. Mediation is confidential, however, which protects you and your family’s privacy.

In mediation, you are in control. You’re in control of the timeline of events, the decisions that are made and how the discussion proceeds. The benefits are different for every family, but almost every family can find a benefit.

I Can Help You Successfully Mediate To Resolve Your Concerns

When you are ready to learn more about mediation, please reach out to me via email. I can answer your questions and discuss your concerns, in addition to describing why the mediation process might be right for you. You can also call my firm at 310-986-2919 to reach me directly.