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Professional, Friendly And Knowledgeable!!!

From the first meeting I had with Kate, I knew she was both knowledgeable and professional and not only helped to clarify the process going forward and all options, she also was kind and reassured me, not only with her confidence, but her kindness. Her mediation skills were excellent, and we were able to settle my divorce case without going to court. Kate’s communication was excellent. When dealing with opposing council, she was direct and assertive when needed. She has a calm demeanor that helps her clients during a stressful process. Kate is an excellent attorney!

Regina, Former Client – Five-Star Review, Avvo – October 18, 2017

I Highly Recommend Kate Gillespie

I had a consultation with Kate in which she helped me understand the most effective next steps to take regarding the court summons I received from my ex-husband to modify support. She gave me the big picture strategy and demonstrated an honesty and integrity that put me at ease immediately. I highly recommend Kate.

Hilary, Former Client – Five-Star Review, Avvo – Posted September 1, 2017

Excellent Attorney

Kate Gillespie is a very talented attorney and an expert in all matters pertaining to family law. I hired Kate three years ago when I was unable to get a custody agreement from my ex-wife, and Kate worked diligently and effectively to accomplish my goals of obtaining equal custody of my children and a fair support order from the court. Over the past few years, Kate has defended me on several additional matters against my ex-wife and has prevailed on each one through her skills and honesty. Without her hard work, determination and kindness I would not have equal custody of my children.

Kate charges market fees for her services, and as a client I always felt she was available and responsive. Her attention to detail, counsel and advice on tactics and strategy are a great value for a client seeking either a mediated settlement or to prevail on a motion before a family court judge. Kate has done so much for my family, I would highly recommend Kate to any person who needs family law representation without hesitation.

Andrew, Former Client Five-Star Review, Avvo May 18, 2017

Simply The BEST!

I was referred to Kate and immediately knew I liked her! Extremely professional and knowledgeable yet super easy to relate to and very KIND!
My husband and I were divorcing after almost 24 years of marriage, and I was in the darkest place imaginable. It was the worst time in my life, and she made me feel like someone was on my team and promised “we” would get through this… and I did, thanks to Kate. I never felt alone. I always felt better and confident in this process after speaking with her. She always assured me I was going to be okay… I was and I am!
I’m very foreign to the legal world, and she held my hand every step of the way. Often having to repeat and explain to me in ways that I could understand. This was a very emotional time for me and she had the patience of a saint!
Believe when I say she knows her stuff! Very powerful with a strong punch but in such a caring way.
There is no doubt I could have gotten through this without her, I would recommend her to anyone! She made a horrible time much easier.
I cried hugging her as we left our last and final meeting. Not sure because we were done and she did an AMAZING job or because I felt like I made a friend… I think it was both!!!
I can’t thank her enough! Very proud to say I know such an INCREDIBLE person/attorney!!

Debbie, Former Client — Five-Star Review, Avvo April 26, 2017

Palimony, No Marriage Issues

I consulted with Ms. Gillespie for a situation where I had been living with an individual for 14 years. There had been admitted infidelities by him and possible health implications. There were also financial dealings that were worrisome.
She was outstanding in her empathy toward my situation. I felt like I was listened to! She advised me of the health risks and to take the necessary tests to give me peace of mind. She advised me to stop all communication with him so that I would not be swayed by him and go back to more abuse by him.
Ms. Gillespie is an astute, highly qualified attorney who knows human behavior and will work so that an individual will not only get excellent legal help but psychological guidance in dealing with very difficult and draining situations. I highly recommend her. She really was an awesome representative for my situation.

Anonymous, Former Client Five-Star Review, Avvo April 24, 2017

Caring And Knowledgeable

I hired Kate at probably the worst time in my life. My husband had left me and my kids in a horrible position. Kate was understanding, and she helped me through everything. She talked me through each step and gave me the pros and cons of each choice I made. I felt confident with Kate by my side. And, I’m happy to say — we made it! I am officially divorced and retained custody of my kids. She is the best, and I would recommend her to anyone. In fact — I have! She is now helping a co-worker, who has the same reviews as I do. Great lawyer.

Callie, Former Client Five-Star Review, Avvo April 23, 2017

An Absolute Godsend!

Kate is incredible. Simply put. I never had the pleasure to meet her in person, since I reside in Texas and my case was in California, but she is simply the best lawyer I have ever worked with. She was able to get the most desired outcome from a very sticky case in which it often felt like the odds were against us due to multiple clerical errors in the paperwork I was served with. She is incredibly approachable, kind and respectful, but kicks butt when it comes to providing excellent representation. She was always quick to respond to my emails or calls. She was very aggressive in proving how insane my exes demands were while also making it easy for the court to deny his demands and provide the gateway to move jurisdiction back to the home state of the child. I am so glad I hired her, because if I was the other parent, I would have been shaking in my boots upon reading all the documents she submitted to the courts. I am so glad I chose her to represent my family and because of her, my daughter will not have to fly to California for more than half a year every year to be with an abusive and dangerous stranger. I am eternally grateful for her assistance in managing our case. My husband and I can finally sleep at night again knowing our baby is safe. She is absolutely phenomenal!

Charlotte Murphy (Brodie), Former Client — Five-Star Review, Avvo October 21, 2015

Excellent Representation

As this was my first time hiring an attorney, I am pleased to say Kate was patient and understanding. She explained the legal process and my options and kept me informed every step of the way. I had a very satisfactory outcome due to her diligence and perseverance.

Ann, Former Client Five-Star Review, Avvo September 22, 2015

Personable, Dependable Family Law Attorney

I hired Kate Gillespie over the phone on the recommendation of the counselor who mediated my divorce. Kate was every bit as good as that recommendation and more. She helped me handle a tricky property settlement issue by clearly spelling out my options and letting me decide the best course of action. We were able to close the case satisfactorily without going to court or even back to the mediation table, which kept my legal expenses to a minimum. Kate stayed responsive, focused and professional throughout. I wouldn’t hesitate to hire her again.

Eric, Former Client v Five-Star Review, Avvo July 28, 2015

Nothing But The BEST For My Little Girl — Thanks To Kate

I have to say how much I loved having Kate as my attorney. I had never dealt with attorneys in my life and was a new mother. My daughter’s father’s family had hired an attorney so that their 24-year-old son could fight me in court for joint custody when he didn’t have a car, or a job, lived in a studio apartment with another male and was a recovering alcoholic. I had dated him for 6 months, broke up with him and then found out I was pregnant. I was 41 years old and elated to find out I was able to get pregnant, we didn’t plan it, and however, I couldn’t have been happier. Hoping my ex would change and get a job, finance a car and do everything he could to prepare for this bundle, I was let down. We had no option but to set up a legal order for our daughter’s arrangements. My ex’s attorney bullied me with letters and claims that I would owe her client child support, etc. All BS. She was milking his family for every penny she could. She was a great writer, but such a BSer. The attorney that I had originally hired, would say to me, “What do you want me to write back?” I thought I was living in the twilight light zone. This did not seem right AT ALL. Excuse me, aren’t you my attorney?? I asked friends for referrals of a new attorney, one that actually gave a damn. That is how I found Kate. Her name was sent to me in an email that a friend of mine had received from one of her friends. All in good time. I reached out to Kate on a Saturday and she wrote me back with an appointment that Monday morning. I came in to see her with baby Ava, and Kate was the sweetest and most welcoming attorney I think I have ever met. I found that in family law, finding attorneys who care was VERY difficult and challenging. You either find the ones who pretend to care so they can bill you for every single email and phone call or you find the ones who show their disinterest in your case and don’t take you seriously. The clouds opened and the rain went away that day in Kate’s office as I realized I had found THE ONE. The consultation was free. She preceded to read over all my previous legal documents, bullied letters and so forth. This is what she said to me, “This is an easy case, before you hire me and invest more money, send your ex an email and see if he is willing to mediate without attorneys.” Doesn’t that say it all? I said sure. Of course, my ex sent the email to his attorney who then reached out to me. Thus it began…and Kate started work. I never had to worry that she didn’t have my back. She had strategies in place which she had discussed with me and there were plan A’s and plan B’s. She had every inch of this case covered. She had worked with all the important people in this genre and could predict their reaction to my case. She also was particularly understanding of my emotions involved and did not dismiss them throughout the entire time. The best part was that I never had to worry about the protection of my newborn baby and if joint custody would be given to my ex. Kate proposed mediation to my ex’s attorney and then a judge had to be decided upon to hire for this process. The attorneys went back and forth and of course, Kate made sure a well-suited and fair judge was in place for my case. The day of mediation was the only day I was nervous from the day I met Kate. I just couldn’t believe this was finally going to be over and I could really enjoy my new bundle without any nervous hesitation. Mediation took nine hours. Nine hours Kate spent fighting for what I requested and wanted. She even thought of clauses to add to the order that would prevent any future changes or problems down the line. She secured my baby’s future, and I am so grateful to her. I actually remember crying because I was so thankful to have met her. She is not just a smart attorney; she is a mother herself and a good person. She was a gift. Thank you so much, Kate. I highly recommend Kate without any hesitation.

Anonymous, Former Client Five-Star Review, Avvo June 9, 2015

Amazing. The BEST.

Kate Gillespie is the best of the best. She has helped my family and I through everything, and I couldn’t be more grateful that God put her into our lives. She stood by us, guided us through our wrongful death lawsuit, and even came to one of our family member’s funerals. She is not only the best attorney you will ever come across, but she is also now like family to us. She went above and far beyond what she even remotely needed to do. I am FOREVER thankful and grateful for you Kate! The Therrien/Kelter family loves you!! Thank you!

Felicia K., Former Client — Five-Star Review, Avvo May 12, 2015

My First Divorce

My request to divorce occurred within a heated domestic situation. After removing myself from the immediate danger, I called my sister. My sister is an attorney but does not practice family law, and she selected Kate through her reputation and colleague recommendations. Together we called Kate, and she walked us through all of our next steps. I had no idea what to do and neither did my sister, parents nor friends. Family and friends are essential for support, but they are not equipped for the legal complexities and unpredictability of divorce. Kate was direct and confident in what specifically needed to be done to secure my safety and initiate my legal footing.

My whole life was uprooted during this time, and I needed someone who was prepared to handle all the legal matters and emotional distress associated with the splitting of a 19-year relationship. Processing the emotional toll, dealing with the uncertainty of the future, all while continuing to work was overwhelming. I couldn’t comprehend the actions taken against me. Kate dealt with the threats and random demands and protected me financially, legally and emotionally. My trust and confidence in her got me through this crisis.

Danielle, Former Client Five-Star Review, Avvo February 20, 2015

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