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Family Law Mediation

At The Gillespie Law Firm, we work to help you effectively deal with the emotional trauma of divorce and other Family Law matters. Mediation can provide some relief by offering you more control over the resolution of your Family Law matter. You get to decide how you want your divorce to be and not rely on a judge to order you to act or not act.

We offer a holistic approach to resolving conflicts through Family Law mediation. Through The Gillespie Law Firm‘s mediation practice, we provide you with clear information and answers to empower you to make informed agreements while you resolve your Family Law matter. We also work to provide you with tools so that you can manage your Family Law matter in an effective way into the future after your matter has resolved legally.

Mediation Allows You To Have A Say In Your Family Law Matter — You Are The Leader

Mediation allows you to craft your own Settlement/Judgments that are agreeable to everyone involved. It expedites your matter, because you do not have to wait for a hearing date on the family court calendar to get a court order.

In mediation, you are in control of your agreements. Settlement agreements do not move forward to the court for approval unless you are completely satisfied with them. This is not the case if your matter goes before a family court judge. Nobody wins in that case.

We Can Help You Successfully Mediate To Resolve Your Family Law Matter

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