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When a divorce case gets tough, be prepared to defend your rights

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Although we all know that not every divorce case is a full-on battle in the courtroom, the reality is that some of these cases do get to that point. After all, when divorcing spouses have disputes about property and debt division, alimony, child custody and child support, these are not abstract legal issues – they are issues that are the most important in your life at the time, and the manner in which they are resolved could impact your life for years to come. It just isn’t always that easy to agree on solutions to these issues in out-of-court negotiations or in mediation.

When the parties in a divorce case take hard stances, it is time to prepare to defend your rights and opinions in court. But, no matter how emotional a divorce case can get, keeping your eye on solving the legal issues at hand usually leads to a more efficient case and, hopefully, more effective solutions.

Advocating your point of view

When it comes down to it, disputes in a divorce case usually boil down to what one side or the other perceives as “fair.” If you are embroiled in litigation, you have the right to express your view of what is fair as you defend your rights in civil court. Persuading a family law judge that your point of view is correct is, ultimately, the real goal.

At our law firm, we understand that California residents who are going through a divorce may feel like they are constantly under pressure – and face quite a bit of stress. We do our best to take on the burden of advocating for our clients’ positions in family law court. For more information, please visit the family law and divorce overview section of our law firm’s website.