Accomplished. Caring. Effective.

The Gillespie Law Firm is here for you during mediation, divorce and other family law matters.

Accomplished. Caring. Effective.

The Gillespie Law Firm is here for you during divorce, mediation and other family law matters.

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Family Law

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There Is Life After Divorce! Guiding You Through Family Law Options To Avoid Ending Up Court!

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There is Life after Divorce! Guiding you through family law options to avoid ending up court!

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Finding A Solution Through Mediation

Divorce can be traumatizing for the whole family and make it difficult for former partners and their children to start the next chapter of their lives on the right foot. With mediation, I can ease some of these concerns. Mediation is a more holistic way to go through the divorce process that allows you to determine your future, not a judge. Together, you and your former spouse can make decisions about child custody and support, spousal support, asset division and other issues without adding the pressure and expenses of the court. The Gillespie Law Firm can help you through this process and guide you to a solution.

Providing Information And Guidance Throughout The Family Law Process

My goal is to work with you to obtain an efficient, reasonable and effective resolution of your family law issues. I analyze the facts of your case with you to develop the best possible outcome, working to meet your goals and minimizing the negative aspects of the process.

Through mediation and litigation, I handle these matters:

  • Divorce
  • Property division
  • Child custody and visitation
  • Child support
  • Spousal support
  • Grandparents’ rights
  • Name changes
  • Other family law concerns

Nothing Is More Important Than Your Family

At The Gillespie Law Firm, I understand that nothing influences your life quite the way that family and relationships do. I also realize that no matter what your experience is with resolving legal issues, the process can be confusing and stressful. I am here to assist and reduce that confusion and stress.

Meet Our Attorney

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Kate E. Gillespie

What Former Clients Are Saying

Professional, Friendly And Knowledgeable!!!

From the first meeting I had with Kate, I knew she was both knowledgeable and professional and not only helped to clarify the process going forward and all options, she also was kind and reassured me, not only with her confidence, but her kindness. Her mediation skills were excellent, and we were able to settle my divorce case without going to court. Kate’s communication was excellent. When dealing with opposing council, she was direct and assertive when needed. She has a calm demeanor that helps her clients during a stressful process. Kate is an excellent attorney!

Regina, Former Client – Five-Star Review, Avvo – October 18, 2017

I Highly Recommend Kate Gillespie

I had a consultation with Kate in which she helped me understand the most effective next steps to take regarding the court summons I received from my ex-husband to modify support. She gave me the big picture strategy and demonstrated an honesty and integrity that put me at ease immediately. I highly recommend Kate.

Hilary, Former Client – Five-Star Review, Avvo – Posted September 1, 2017

Caring And Knowledgeable

I hired Kate at probably the worst time in my life. My husband had left me and my kids in a horrible position. Kate was understanding, and she helped me through everything. She talked me through each step and gave me the pros and cons of each choice I made. I felt confident with Kate by my side. And, I’m happy to say — we made it! I am officially divorced and retained custody of my kids. She is the best, and I would recommend her to anyone. In fact — I have! She is now helping a co-worker, who has the same reviews as I do. Great lawyer.

Callie, Former Client — Five-Star Review, Avvo — April 23, 2017

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